Friday, 25 May 2012

Savoury AND sweet? - Rosemary orange olive oil cupcakes

It came to me that I didn't want to bake in this sweating hot weather but was "encouraged" to get something sizzling in the cool oven again when I found some cracked eggs on the shelf. I can't believe it! I was pretty sure I checked there were no "zig zags" before I placed it into the shopping trolley! Oh wells, an "encouragement" as I see it.

So here I am, scummaging through various blogs to rustle up a unique and interesting recipe. I was about to give up seeing as the sun was upon me and I could see myself getting very annoyed probably at even measuring out my ingredients! - until I saw a recipe as cool as this.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing! Rosemary orange olive oil cupcakes?!!? Are you sure about that? I was awestruck and scanned down the list of ingredients. I was pretty sure I saw olive oil. A cupful of olive oil. Wow. This would be the most healthiest and most unique recipe I've seen.

And now I was a determined sweating monster, eager to try out this recipe. and boy did it seem like I actually worked to come through a recipe like this cos I was so hot and sticky. I've got to admit, these were some pretty awesome cupcakes! The orange juice added to the sweetness of the cake and the olive oil and rosemary? - delightful. The rosemary surprisingly shone through the sponginess and I was so so SO proud of this recipe.

 I particularly love this set of photos although I hadn't made much effort even to add some interest to it. They were taken during sunset, hence the orange colour to it. Somehow though, I really love that glowing effect so I decided to keep it there!

This recipe originally came from Daisy's world here. Her recipes are brilliant and her "beauty shots" as she calls them look amazing! As for me, I barely even dress my bakes when I photograph them; something I must learn for the future! Enjoy!

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