Wednesday, 7 November 2012

DIY: a sweet lolly flower

After abandoned the blog for so long, I have decided to spring in some ideas from my colourful cap and stick in some fun and easy tutorials for the blog. And here first tutorial!

Introducing an extremely sweet lolly flower. Yes, the pun is intentional ;) As I was doing some baking for a party last week and had to wrap up a birthday present too, I came across a stash of sweets with brightly coloured lollipops and mini plump marshmallows. Needless to say, an idea came about to turn these sweet treats into perfect girly gifts!

A sweet lolly flower:


Step 1:Gather your fairy dust: A lollipop, matching tissue paper of your choice, green card, sheet of cellophane, green wire, handful of marshmallows and ribbon (not pictured), scissors, pencil and cello-tape
Step 2: Using a pencil, sketch out a simple flower shape and cut out shape for all tissue paper
Step 3: should look something like this depending on your artistic skills!
Step 4: Stack up the tissue paper and poke the lollipop through the centre
Step 5: Tip: you may want to make a small snip to allow the "poke" to be tidier
Step 6: Scrunch the petals upwards to create a bit of dimension
Step 7: Admire your half-completed lolly flower
Step 8: Twist the green wire in half if it is too long but remember to leave some for twisting
Step 9: Wrap the wire around the stick of the lolly
Step 10: Keep wrapping and tidy it around the bottom of the lolly stick
Step 11: Mine looks something like this
Step 12: Cut out a leaf shape from the green card, extending one side of it
Step 13: Using some tape, wrap the extended side around the lolly stick
Step 14: Place down your sheet of cellophane, corner touching the lolly, and place your "stem" on top. Sprinkle on a handful of marshmallows
Step 15: Take the bottom corner and fold to the top
Step 16: Take the sides and wrap towards the middle
Step 17: Tape down and secure. Decorate with a cute ribbon.
Step 18: Get a coffee and admire your sweet gift!

I really do hope you will excuse this first tutorial of mine, I really need to decide what materials I will need before photographing it! But for now, go make your Sweet Lolly Flower(s)! Have fun :)

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