Thursday, 22 November 2012

Insta-thursty: week 1

It's the first week of Insta-thursty!! And I have two bakes I have instagrammed since last weeks post. And believe me, baking has relieved some of the stress that is overflowing out of me - I have a piano exam on Saturday; a scary, grade 8 one that I believe will make my legs tremble.

Please, pray for me.

First up, my grandma's birthday at which I decided to bake a layered strawberry and green tea sponge cake. I have realised the decoration is somehow extremely sloppy for my liking but disaster struck when I opened the strawberries the night before to find that they have all gone mouldy!

I've ended up smothering it with angel delight and sprinkling on some fruit flakes. However, I don't think it is the presentation that counts all the time as the cake was memorably decorated by me and my cousins, one of who is only five and loves to contribute to a pink and green cake!

Secondly, a dream come true. I had this vision one night as I was laying in bed and an insane idea struck.

I imagined this massive cookie with gooey marshmallows oozing out if the centre and there it was, a giant s'more cookie.

As it was my good friend's birthday today, I had baked up this giant cookie, just for her!

And you know what, my dream came true.


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