Thursday, 15 November 2012

Introducing...Insta Thursty!

Ever since the discovery of Instagram, I have found a love for it. Those cool filters and funky borders never tire me out and the best thing is that they can make simple snapshots from your phone camera look ever so "wow". It's a whole new level of photography! 
Juicy longan fruity//Red, plump strawberries
And with the ever-so-easy sharing feature, I find that I probably update my instagram more than my blog - I know, it's a crime. So I have decided to introduce Insta Thursty - weekly posts using photos simply from instagram.

Rainbow chiffon birthday cake//My ham and cheese panini

"Why the name Insta Thursty?" you ask. First of all, it's quite cheesy. You get it? "Thirsty" for a bit of photo sharing or "thirsty" as in food and drink, not vampire-wise. Yeah, I know.
It also represents the amazing Thurs-day where I am forced encouraged to update my blog with some mouth-watering food photos. And lastly, just for the sake of the cool accent it makes when you read it quickly - try it.

You ready for Insta Thursty?!
A pretty cupcake//KitKat yoghurt for pudding!

Feel free to link up with YOUR intagram snaps or even just simply photos of your scrummy food using the button below: (copy and paste the code into the html box next to the "compose" button and it should work when you hit publish!) 


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