Thursday, 29 November 2012

Insta-Thursty: Week 2

It has most certainly been a stressful week and I am glad to announce my piano exam, over. Done and dusted! Having played the piano for a whopping ten years, I am glad to say I have finally finished my grade 8! Calls for a spot of baking :P

Preparation for my piano exam - it's certainly a pain learning all these words and knowing you will only need two from the list!

So blessed to have amazing friends that give me so much love and support - gotta love 'em!

A celebratory meal at Harvester with my family to mark the completion of my grade 8 piano

A most certainly missed treat since - chocolate marshmallow treats with a fruity jam centre :P

Wow. -  "A picture is worth a thousand words."

The birthday cake I made for my grandma
Most slowly but certainly, I am starting to get my act together again and enjoy the blogging life. I have previously blogged about a birthday cake I made for my grandma's birthday on Insta-Thursty last week. Hopefully, I will get round to posting it with pictures from the last slice of cake I managed to save for breakfast! As of now, happy Insta-Thursty :)


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