Tuesday, 5 January 2016

baking fanatics

our nutella baking fanatics have finally united again! since meeting up during the summer to make pizzas, we've come again to make omelettes and a yule log.

after popping to iceland to grab all that we needed, we caught up over cooking and delighting over eggs and veg. it was a morning well spent with these girls, and quickly our sweet tooth got us craving for some chocolate.

we commenced to making a chocolate yule log (still christmas here), and surprisingly it is one of our most successful bakes ever! we thought there would be a possibility we would be defeated by this challenge requiring much baking skill, but we got there in a breeze!

charis also bought us each a personalised jar of nutella, just to remind us of who we are. aren't they cute?! after a time of conversations and prayers, we headed off our ways again: jing back to america, anna to newcastle, charis to explore her next steps, and me back to southampton of course!

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