Tuesday, 26 January 2016

short trip back home.

having finished all my mocks (finally!), i logged onto Skype and had a rather long catch up sesh with my family. it was then i realised i had a whole week of zero lectures and zero seminars to attend, except for a moot (mock trial) at the end of the week. my parents were eager to see me and so i booked my coach ticket for the next morning to head back to london.

wow my trips back to london are always so spontaneous.

i got a chance to catch up with etain over a green tea latte from timberyard, and we managed to sort out a few things for a holiday we're planning for in the summer.

sunday morning, i got to go to church with my whole family, which is pretty rare nowadays as i'm in southampton obviously, but if not, my dad is usually at a different church every week to preach.

it was our church's 65th anniversary this week and so the service was held at the hammersmith townhall, and a grand choir and orchestra was especially organised for the occasion.

and to top my weekend home, there was also a light sprinkling of snow :)

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