Monday, 4 January 2016

dumpling factory.

sunday evening after church, a few families came over to our house for fellowship, continue the festive celebrations and enjoy food together.

all the kids came together and helped make many many trayfuls of dumplings from scratch. i used to do this all the time with my mum and it's certainly been a while since i've used this skill. the dumplings came out in various shapes and sizes as we made them according to our own imagination.

each family brought around a different dish to share, and we had a buffet style dinner for the evening with opportunities to catch up and share my uni life stories.

my friend bev came back from her internship at milan a few days ago and she was itching to get her nails painted, and so i busted out my box of nail polish and painted these frozen inspired icicle designs.

to top the night off, we had some crazy party popper action, and mum decided to bring out the prop box for some funny photobooth pictures.

dad clearly made the most out of them and enjoyed himself. a lot.

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  1. Oh, they're so tasty. I wish I could do them on my own too XD
    Nati xx


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