Thursday, 14 January 2016

life lesson 3: revision mode.

for the past few days, the only view of the outside world i had was my window and my phone. upon returning to uni, i knew i was in a well and truly troubled position. 

i have 3 exams and a moot (mock trial) in the following two weeks, and have not learnt from my mistakes to prepare for them in advance - even the sky was looking hella dark for me too.

during the last semester, i completed the bare minimum in my tutorials, fell asleep in lectures (or just didn't turn up), and i admit they would perhaps have made this revision process much easier.

i have never lived in halls with it being this quiet before. everyone is so unenthusiastic and dull upon coming back this month as exams are hitting us hard. the only thing retaining my sanity is perhaps my multi coloured muji pens to be honest.

regular scene of my day.

today i've just completed 2 of my exams, and after 24 hours of no food, burger king has come to save my life.

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