Wednesday, 3 February 2016

140 miles.

one evening, as i tried to browse for some cheap tickets for loksze to come down to southampton, i myself spied some £5 one way coach tickets during my inter-semester period where we have no lessons or lectures. out of spontaneity (here we go again), i booked the tickets and was on my way to warwick the following week.

as the tickets were so cheap, the times were also quite funky. my coach departed at 6:20am, and so i decided that the night before i had to do an all-nighter otherwise i just wouldn't be able to wake up. 

thankfully, on thursday we had to do a moot (mock trial) worth 10% of our year, and it had been stressing everyone out, particularly those who hate public speaking. once it was over, it was definitely  worthy of celebration and so we went clubbing that evening and we ensured i got back as late as possible so i wouldn't fall asleep. at 4am, i got back and had just enough time to shower and pack my stuff. my flatmate who was severely drunk also offered to take me to the bus stop in the pouring rain in case any weird guys hit on me at this awkward hour.

once the coach came, i happily slept for 3 hours, arriving at oxford at half 8ish, and then at warwick at around 10.

loksze met me at the coach station (late, of course), and we hurried off to his halls as he had an exam that day. whilst he revised, i had a good nap and woke up to a breakfast and hot choc he made me. oh, and that knife? - i wanted something to cut my bacon with.

after loksze came back from his exam, we went to tesco to fetch our food for the following few days to find that easter had arrived already!

being 'classy' people, we also picked up some cheese and biscuits with assorted ham and meat for late night snacking.

and of course, we couldn't forget our red wine. unfortunately we weren't able to find a bottle opener, so resorted to using keys. didn't quite work to say the least, but somehow we managed to pop it into the bottle!

friday and saturday was just spent watching movies and chinese dramas (digging them roots i know!), getting to know loksze's friends and chilling - well deserved after our exams.
on sunday, we went to church and proceeded to some hearty pub grub.

we then went for a walk in the park before heading back and making sure i was packed up and ready to leave for the following morning. when i got back, i managed to miss my first lecture of the semester and was greeted with cries of i missed you and dramas. what a great start to my next semester :)

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