Sunday, 21 February 2016

old rituals.

it feels like i've got something exciting going on every weekend lately. this weekend i welcomed etain back to southampton as she was on half term, and we were back to our usual non-troublesome rituals.
as soon as i picked her up from the coach station and we did our grocery shop, the first thing we did was sit down and eat some good ham and cheese pasties.
what happened next was unbelievable. etain introduced me to a game she had become addicted to and even paid for - happy chef 2.
we literally sat for a solid hour or so to play before i had to run to my tutorial class.

i came back, we got addicted to another game - supermarket mania 2, and then decided to make some pasta and garlic bread for dinner. we caught up big time, big girl talk.

our evening consisted of nestling in bed (we are naturals after all) and just jamming together like we always used to. in the evening, we continued to plan our holiday in amsterdam for this summer. we managed to FaceTime loklok and book our tickets - its really happening!! 
airbnb wasn't really in our favour that night so we decided to make some chicken dippers and chill before heading to bed at 6am.

after 5 hours sleep, we woke up to head to ikea, our fave shop - i felt so at home and as if i was back in croydon as i used to come here with etain and my family so often! meatballs and their signature dessert was the one before we got a major food coma and walked around the show rooms.

if you know me, you know i've always wanted to get a lemon tree. i don't want no roses, bouquets or herbs, i want a lemon tree. too bad i didn't have a car, otherwise i would've carried this back.
after heading back, i made etain her last supper - noodles. we then said our goodbyes until we meet next week again when i head back to london!!

see you soon babycakes, was good to have you x

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