Monday, 15 February 2016

valentines weekend.

not only was it valentines this weekend for loklok and i, but also our 6 months of FaceTime, cheese time and happy time. 

loklok headed down to southampton from warwick on thursday and i went to meet him at the coach station at 11:30pm meaning yes, we missed our last bus back and ended up walking half an hour to get back in the 1C weather.

on friday, we decided to go grab some groceries from sainsbury's at which we somehow spent 2 hours in there looking for random food items. i ended up spending £40 on food alone before we took the bus back juggling a broken shopping bag. ugh those peak times.

perhaps the yummiest chicken curry i made.

loklok and i could be both the most un-chinese people and the freshest at the same time. we started a new chinese drama this weekend and became addicted to it. 
i cooked up a really satisfying chicken curry rice for us and the evening was spent watching films and dramas.

on valentines sunday, we originally planned for a romantic breakfast at mcdonalds before heading to church but we couldn't seem to wake up in time so just headed straight to church. 
we did, however enjoy some hot cheese and breadsticks afterwards. we have also come to learn that our relationship very much involves cheese - we are cheese lovers ok

5:50am train station settings

we did an all-nighter on sunday evening as loklok's coach back was at 6:20am and so we left in the sub-zero temperatures at 5:45am and headed out to the airport. it was indeed a lonely journey heading back to my halls by myself in the freezing cold and dark, and coming back to all the food mess we've made in my room which not long ago i was enjoying with loklok.
 but it was indeed a weekend well-spent, and it'll just be two weeks until we'll see each other again when we'll both be visiting home in london!

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