Monday, 29 February 2016

back in london with my two babies.

i've recently bought a new baby which arrived on friday just as i was about to leave for london - a new camera!

known as 'the blogger camera' i couldn't resist but spend a (rather large) fraction of my student loan on it. she took its first trip to london this weekend and was welcomed with extremely icy cold weather.

i knew it was a good day when a little flowered appeared on my cactus this morning!

after taking the coach to hammersmith in the evening and appreciating my dad's offer of picking me up at the station, i was tucked into bed after catching up with my family.

the next morning, my sister woke me up bright and early to film a youtube video on her channel! we did the sister tag and as i hadn't eaten breakfast, my tummy couldn't resist but interrupt every so often with a rumble. the video now has a hungry count on it.

thankfully, my parents had decided to go for a korean buffet in new malden for lunch! this is a new restaurant which opened up recently and was jam packed when we visited. they served fresh sushi and many dishes which weren't fried so that my spots wouldn't hola at me (though i couldn't resist with the fried sweet potato) - the food was such a contrast to my meals at uni!!

after spending half a day with my family, i made my way out to central london to meet loklok. it had only been 2 weeks since we met up in southampton but we definitely missed each other between that time.

as it was so cold outside and the wind literally cut our faces, we decided to find somewhere to chill indoors. we stopped by the southbank centre which had many sofas and cool architecture indoors. 

when we decided to brave the weather, we went all out and walked around to test out my new camera. here's our photo journey:

in the evening, we headed over to thai silk in southwark for zun en's 22nd birthday. a lot of people turned up, and i was so happy to see a lot of my church friends - i sure missed their banter and funny antics! 

it was an awesome time of catching up, karaoke, dancing, drinking and buffet eating to say the least.

i always knew we were the most attractive couple ever.
cake pops galore

and to end the night, a silly snapchat on the train home.

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