Tuesday, 10 May 2016

food unites.

returning back home from uni for easter had meant eating tons and gallons of good food. 
it was only wise to document the great stuff i devoured in to make up for my daily pesto pasta meals i consumed at uni.

not only do these pictures display lavishness and luxury, but i believe they depict God's abundance of love for me by blessing me with all this amazing food - and that's why i love food pictures. 

i'm so lucky to be tucking away at all this and though these may seem like just ordinary pictures such as an egg on toast, i like to be reminded that these are also times where i had a lot of fun laughing and catching up with my friends and family over good food. 

food unites people.

mornings started off the right way with cheesy eggs on toast.

my mum's delicious mussels.

another of my mum's wonderful cooking - she always spoils me when i'm back home!

there's always time to have a big ole hot pot and fellowship with some friends from church

an ambitious morning making flapjacks with my sister for breakfast

bit of yolk porn - oh yes.

free yoghurt on the streets of london, on the day when i didn't have time to eat breakfast

wasabi take out with loklok before we headed over to our student fellowship

sundays aren't complete without a cheeky mcd breakfast before church

yummiest goats cheese, pesto and tomato pastry from the local lidl!
dinner at loklok's house - and his dad cooked up the most luxurious crab noodles!

this was accompanied by a huge bowl of mussels!


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