Saturday, 14 May 2016

sunday food trip.

that baby hair is still lovin life.

this is the last catch-up post from easter. the last sunday i spent in london before heading back to southampton for the start of glorious exams was spent going to church and bulking myself with some good food before i endure tinned beans everyday.

loklok snapped this as we were eating mcdonalds and named it 'the typical london pic' - i think he just means 'big red bus'
i love being in london on sunday mornings as it's the only time it's really quite serene and relaxing until the hustle and bustle kicks in later in the afternoon.
attending church in soho means i'm able to enjoy london with its morning air which really isn't that refreshing given all the pollution!
we actually got a second free wrap cos the hash brown in the first one tasted yucky.
mornings are always done right if we start with a big fatty, salty mcdonalds breakfast. it really is our tradition every sunday morning before we get to share our coffee breath at church when we sing out our praises during worship.

after service, i hopped over to meet etain to grab yolkin - macaroon ice cream sandwiches!
these have been raving all over social media as of lately and it's only now that i've got a chance to give it a try - it really did not let me down.

funny story: etain and i had no idea how fast these sweet delights sold out and took our time strolling over to their pop-up shop, even getting lost. we were contemplating what flavours we were gonna get to find out when we got there, that there were only two macaroons left! they were both jasmine and green tea flavoured. seeing as we came just for them, we took them anyway, only to be blown away by how tasty it was!

after we took the last two, there were still so many people coming to buy them. we had no idea there was such high demand for these instagram-worthy treats and felt incredibly smug about it.

and here's another piece of good news i found out that day - i applied to go to korea to teach english last year and was rejected, but this year i finally got an opportunity to go! 

after my so-called lunch with etain accompanied with a spot of shopping, i met loklok and we strolled around for a bit

we went to visit kingly court, a cool place hidden in carnaby street!

for dinner we ended up in nandos where we devoured a whole chicken and 4 sides between the 2 of us. 
that's how we rock.

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