Tuesday, 3 May 2016

easter snapshots.

making new friends on our walk to the post office

it has been well past easter but i still haven't been able to update my life here as it's been so hectic since coming back to uni with coursework and revision. now that i have 17 minutes left on my revision break, i have the opportunity to dump some snaps i took from easter.

lunch in wandsworth (on a very windy day) with some students and my family who stayed at our house during easter

encountering a fire station open day after church

check out that vintage fire truck!

both loksze and i managed to catch a virus on the last week of our holidays which resulted in us throwing up, not being able to eat and dying for a few days. (he's totally gonna kill me for putting this picture up.)

chef-ing lunch - fried udon.

met this little cutie after coming back from camp - my sister is best friends with her older sister so we took the opportunity to bond too.
painting mini nails

finally got the chance to clean my clubbing shoes when the sun came out - lookin good as new

walking to church on the bluest morning i've seen in london for a long time

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