Friday, 27 May 2016

loklok bday surprise 101.

on the last weekend of april, it was loklok's birthday (yes it took me a month to get this post together). he HAD to be born near exam season didn't he.
as a result, i had never really planned to be with him for his birthday given it was near impossible as we would both be at uni revising our butts off for our exams in 2 weeks.

driving past oxford.

i told loklok i wasn't gonna be able to make it to warwick as my exams were just drawing so close.
but a few days later, i found out that it was my flat mate's birthday on the same day as loklok's and that he had invited 6 of his mates to come down - meaning loud music, heck lots of partying and a poor me not being able to revise anyway.

seeing some pretty funky restaurant names on my coach journey

so i made the plunge - yolo-ed it and bought my tickets to warwick (which didn't come at an easy price at all btw as i booked so late) and decided not to tell loklok about it so i could surprise him.

the next phase of surprise required me to get some help in warwick so i could sneak in - i linked up with his flatmate i met the last time i went to warwick and she enthusiastically decided to meet me at my coach station.

cake number 2

the day came, and we popped over to sainsbury's to grab cake and candles before we sneaked into his kitchen. we grabbed as many of his flatmates as possible and i hid behind the fridge before surprising him as he entered the kitchen to everyone singing happy birthday to him.
his reaction? - 'what are you doing here?!'

we proceeded to eating a lot of cake that evening as more of loksze's friends turned up with another chocolate cake.


the next day, we bought some tickets to go to a club in leamington spa. i borrowed a dress off hannah (loksze's flatmate) as i wasn't expecting to go out so didn't bring any clothes, and after only eating a bowl of cheesy baked beans and a slice of toast the whole day, skipped over to pre-drinks with everyone.

long story short - i drank wayyyyy to much than i should've on an empty stomach, shouldn't have mixed drinks, and the night just didn't go down very classily.

the night still remained so fun however and we all had a great time with his flatmates.

the funniest girl i met all night. we ended up leap frogging over each other back home.

i booked my coach for the next morning which was not a great idea at all as hangovers and coach journeys do not go well. 

anyhow, happy birthday loklok! i hope this weekend really was one to remember.
i love you x

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