Saturday, 8 October 2016

amsterdam diaries.

this is a long overdue post from the beginning of summer wayyyy way back in july. after failing to plan and go on a holiday last summer, we finally flew off to amsterdam with my 3 best friends.

we have officially named our 4 man team the 'dam fam' - travelling like a family, eating like a family, living like a family. we love it really. we're the coolest family after all. 

we spent the first day exploring the city, tasting 'the best fries' in holland and ending the day with some awesome pizzas.

every morning, either the boys or the girls would make breakfast in our airbnb. did i mention how luxurious and beautiful our apartment was?! we were also conveniently placed right above lidl so every morning we would do a fresh food shop for breakfast. (maybe some cheeky drinks too for the evening)

us 4 really were the perfect holiday buddies. we loved sleeping and napping all day and none of us would complain about leaving the apartment at 5pm to start exploring more of amsterdam. 
on the second day, we managed to jump onto a boat tour to explore the beautiful canals and learn a thing or two about the houseboats parked alongside us.

the third day was probably my highlight of the trip. besides sunbathing on our balcony and sipping on some berry cider, we went to the heineken museum.

we all had a blast there - beer tasting, taking silly photos in front of the green screen, the boys played fifa, and we snagged some pretty awesome engraved beer mugs for souvenirs.

on the last day, we went to the river to take some photos before finding our way to the airport. first time student travellers must do something stupid on their first holiday right? well we tried to find our gate by looking at the arrivals board for 15 minutes getting worried our flight didn't appear there.

until next time amsterdam!

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