Thursday, 13 October 2016

drinks and thai in shoreditch.

on a calm, breezy, summers day back in july, loklok and i headed to meet some of his uni friends in shoreditch to catch up and chill. the sun had just blasted its heat waves in full beam and london was just about settling back to its normal less-heated temperature.

shoreditch is always a nice funky place to land your feet on. there are so many unexpected shops and pubs here, and some pretty wacky street people too. this is perhaps the more hip side of london. we chose a rooftop bar in the heart of shoreditch (totally forgot the name of it though) and enjoyed the sunset together.

i grabbed a sex on the beach served in a classy plastic cup, and hannah grabbed a glass of wine. sitting up here made me feel like a real londoner going out for a drink after work...except i had done nothing but sun bathe that whole day.

after enjoying the views and catching up on life, we headed for some thai food down the street at busaba eathai.

it was a modern, sleek restaurant and i got the most perfect coconut curry despite it being the summer. i could just imagine curling in to one of these in the winter and it would be the ultimate comfort food.

^ love and smiles all around :)

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