Sunday, 16 October 2016

the fantastic four.

when it comes to describing our friendship, 'the fantastic four' might just be the perfect phrase.
we are so brilliantly different making us compatible and a joy to be around each other. i'm just so looking forward to growing up with these guys and still meeting up like this even after 10 years.

it's always difficult finding a convenient time for us to meet as we go to different uni's and have different holidays. being back home for the summer also means you have a tonne of people to catch up with, friends and family to see. despite all that, we persisted and finally found a day to have lunch together. etain and i met the boys after doing a spot of shopping on oxford street and we all ate bibimbaps (korean rice) in the blazing heat.

back in the days, the four of us would always be jamming in hyde park with our skateboards and enjoy the park life, and so we decided to bring it back. this time with bikes. 

eug, being a grown man of 19, still does not know how to ride a bike (embarrassing right), and so we took him on a spin on the borris bikes.

unfortunately due to the popularity of the bikes, we only managed to get two of them. we took turns and nevertheless had so much fun! once eug got the hang of it, he was speeding around in no time!

feeling the sweats, we decided to chill at a cafe by the restaurant. being london, the food and drinks were so overpriced we just decided to sit there and spill our tough jokes at each other.

etain and i, being britain's next top model made the boys take some 'candid' shots for us. not bad right - at least they're instagram-able!

^ aesthetically pleasing details.

does it appear to you that this lad here is having a good time chilling with his beer? look carefully cos he's holding a bottle of malt vinegar.

as it was monday, lok sze had to be home for dinner with his family. he happily invited us however and as etain and i went to play with his new kitten, he and eug proceeded to play fifa.

what a happy day God has blessed us with!

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