Wednesday, 19 October 2016


after church on a sunday we always have difficulty deciding where to go for dinner. on this particular day, we walked into wahaca for some delicious mexican street food.

i absolutely love the way wahaca designs all its restaurants - all of them have such funky lighting and wall murals. i remember the first time i went was with kelly after a photoshoot two years ago. the moment i stepped in, the word 'instagram' was all i could think of.

loksze and i ordered a set meal to share - and wow did it fill us up. wahaca brands itself almost as mexican snacks so unless you get a burrito with some sides, you can't really make a full dinner out of it without paying a bit more.

nonetheless, it was a good time chilling with all our church friends in a relaxed atmosphere, though some of us ended up going to mcdonalds later for a touch up.

we passed this cool set up in waterloo on the way home. and if you pass waterloo regularly, you would realise that this prop has long been set up and taken down, and that my posts are in fact incredibly behind schedule (no shame, my summer has been incredibly fun-packed!)

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