Monday, 28 December 2015

xmas time, family time.

our christmas morning started off with attending a church service at hammersmith and seeing some of our church family. it was a joyful occasion and it was great to be able to sing carols together and really get the christmas spirit going for the day.

after we rushed back home, i got to work with the evening's desserts - a coffee chiffon cake with gingerbread and cream, and apple and cinnamon rose pastries.

this year's christmas party was hosted at our house, and one by one, everyone flowed in including my grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins - every single one of them. i hadn't seen them all in so long since i've been at uni and missed out on the past family get togethers, which made the occasion all the more joyous!

getting my hair did/tied up in knots by my sister

drawing on some xmas patterns on my grandma's nails!

food has always been a great centrepiece for our family. normally we're at our grandparents house for every family event and they would cook up their most impressive lobster noodles, and dishes and dishes of chinese food.

as christmas was at our house, it was our turn to cook and give our grandparents a rest from the kitchen even though they love it. we cooked up both a lamb shank and a massive duck along with lots and lots of potatoes, roast veg, salad and gravy of course.

such a wonderful feastly celebration with the ones i love most.

dessert was also one of a feast. my cousin bought along a homemade banana bread, my grandparents some chinese desserts all the way from hong kong when they went for holiday, my auntie and uncle some classy mince pies, a big pot of mango chinese dessert, and my bakes.

the rest of the evening we spent watching some old video recordings (and laughing at them), singing songs, playing music, taking selfies and opening presents.

though i must admit i didn't really feel the christmas spirit this year, i was so so happy to be spending a day with my family and hearing our usual banter ring in my ears again. i'm so thankful that we're able to come together as a family safe and sound despite all the cruel and disastrous things i've seen in the news recently.

it is a blessing to have every single one of us this christmas and for everyone to be happy and healthy - i really thank God for this. 

and most importantly, happy birthday Jesus!!

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