Sunday, 27 September 2015

drink, drink, drunk: welcome to uni life.

the norms of uni life: alcohol, sex and parties. whilst i'm not against drinking and parties at all, i do believe that it is all too overrated. the term "pre-drinks", i have learnt, is an ever growing popular idea. people would spend £50 on a couple of bottles that kill your liver, and come together to drink before turning up to a party so they could have more fun. i feel as though people almost force themselves here to be drunk, as they believe they can 'be themselves', be carefree and go crazy on their night out. i've been aware of these drinking norms since secondary school, as it was seen as away to socialise and get to know other people; but rather what i see is damage to health, making friends who only remember you for puking in the streets, and scary elements of safety; or perhaps this is just the motherly instinctive side to me - i'm not sure. what i do believe, however, is that drinking does not always mean fun. and you certainly do not have to drink in order to be fun.

i was on my way out to meet a group of friends from another block to go to a bunfight, where you sign up to different societies the other day, when i walked out into the hallway to see a pair of feet sticking out from a corner. this guy had no idea how he ended up here and was baffled to see me and my flat mate hovering around him. though it did make a great snapchat story, the idea of having a mind block of what you've done the previous night leans a bit to the scary side.

i mentioned i was on my way out with a flat mate that morning. i swear he was still drunk when i saw him. he had an introductory talk that morning at 10am and when i saw him, it looked like he had killed about 5000 of his brain cells. his voice was completely gone, he had no idea how he managed to get home last night, and his eyes were literally drooping down from fatigue. and at that moment, i was just wondering what the fun of getting so drunk was. as a good friend, i took the bus with him back to campus, where during the whole journey he was complaining about how rubbish he felt. i helped him put his headphones back into his case as he couldn't coordinate himself properly, and i told him he could have a nap and i would wake him up when we got to uni campus. after we got off, i walked him to his block where he told me he felt as though i was his mother. i wouldn't disagree, as i felt like i was taking a 5 year old kid to school, but at the same time i believe i was just being sober.

wednesday i decided to just chill and catch up with my sixth form friends. they were mostly sleep deprived and half sober from the crazes of the past few days, but i'm glad we got to relax ourselves both mentally and physically, even if it means naps at 4:26pm!

i even decided to camp out that night with them, and made myself comfortable in the middle of the floor with bathrobes and wraps. we had this perfect idea of wrapping up and watching the great british bake off - and wow it was so perfect with a kopparberg in hand and snuggled in bed.

and here we go, a glimpse of uni life, of which i am still discovering. i pray every day that God will guard my heart and that i wouldn't end up submitting to the peer pressures of drinking and clubbing. i firmly believe that Jesus is the light, the truth, and the way, and He is all i need.

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