Saturday, 5 September 2015

end of summer hike -- seven sisters cliff.

roll on our second hike!! ever since the big 10 hour hike from rye to hastings which you can read about here, we've wanted to plan a more chillaxed one. i'm so happy this one was such a success and that we had such an enjoyable time laughing and chatting despite the big grey clouds and light rain.

seven sisters is absolutely beautiful - its white chalk cliffs, the green patches of grass, and the fresh blue waters.

every angle was so scenic, and we managed to discover many features throughout our walk.

unlucky for us, england had been through a rainy week, and it was even raining that very morning. fortunately, it had stopped and the sun had began to appear, however the mud became extremely sticky and wet. with our nice shining sneakers, we tried to dodge all the muddy bits but were literally 'stuck in the mud'! steph being our most daring hiker even took off her shoes and went bare footed through the mud bath!

a stylish stile.

happy hikers!

now this is a pose to remember. i found that walking like this made hills so much easier to get up. as weird as it looks, the others started copying me and we found it totally hilarious.

still hiking through all the way to the seventh cliff!

it got tiring towards the end, but with the love and support of each other we got through all seven cliffs, and with a view like this, it was all worth it. my packet of oreos also made everyone incredibly happy and were a huge pick-me-up throughout the day.

 after a time of relaxation on the beach, we headed back to find that the last buses at our bus stop were gone, so we ended up trekking an extra mile or two to fetch another bus back to seaford train station. long story short, there were also problems on the train services and we ended taking a whopping two hours to get home!

 nevertheless, i've never had a better shower in my life that evening! i really praise God that despite the rain and gloom, we managed to get a heck of a lot of sunshine and that i was able to spend this day with all my beautiful sisters in Christ before heading off to the big U!

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