Sunday, 27 September 2015

yip fam bbq

today is supposedly mid autumn festival, a chinese celebration of the full moon where families would come together to enjoy a meal and eat moon cakes together. as i moved into uni last week, i was unable to be back for the yearly family get together this time round. thankfully with technology, i did have a chance to say hi to everyone and get a good view of all the tasty dishes they devoured in over Skype, whilst i ate my bowl of tomato pasta. so instead of updating my blog here on my lonely experience of the mid autumn festival this year, i decided instead to post about this family barbecue a while back during the summer, where we equally had as much fun as a family over yummy food.

grandma enjoying her sweet potatoes

grandma swagging it out with my sunglasses

i love barbecues. and even more so with the people i love. i remember it being perfect barbecue weather, and my sister had just come back from a church camp with my cousin so i had not seen her for a couple of days. immediately, we caught up and enjoyed good food and good company.

unfortunately, i've only had two barbecues this summer. but every time, roasty-toasty marshmallows and bbq bananas were always on the show. i just love the smell of burning sugar from the marshmallows and seeing bubbles of glucose escaping from the bananas as the evening draws near. 

on that particular weekend, it was also my cousin's 18th birthday, and so there had to be cake! happy birthday estelle, wishing you a blessed year ahead, and that you will grow fruitfully closer to God.

and here's to mid autumn festival and wonderful family time. i sure do miss everyone and our usual family get-togethers, and am much looking forward to seeing you all again, hopefully in christmas or before that!

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