Friday, 25 September 2015

happy birthday dear etain.

a few weeks ago, it was my best friend etain's birthday. 18 years of knowing her now, and our friendship is still stronger than ever. our circle of church friends decided we should host a surprise birthday dinner for her on a saturday night. and so we went about creating a whataspp group which resulted in nothing more than what we should wear on the day. the details were finalised the night before her surprise was due, and it was to be 7:30pm at tgi fridays in central london.

as we were meeting later at night, loksze and i decided it would be good to have a nice date in london before meeting the lot. we walked around southbank and the southbank centre, went around covent garden and checked out the iPhone 6s in the apple store.

 we then stopped by at oxford street where we picked a tie for my dad's birthday at moss bros, and a new jacket for loksze at topman. down the road was carnaby street where we came across some rather snazzy roads, before we stopped by at urban outfitters to pick some new knickers for etain to kick start her 18th year of being a human.

at 7pm, loskze and i met up with eugene to grab a table before etain arrived with lewis. obviously, we did not think about it properly, as a saturday evening at tgi's in central london would obviously be extremely packed. we arrived to find that we had to wait for 45minutes for a table. as we didn't have much of a plan b, we just stuck with it and hoped we got a table before etain arrived. as we chatted whilst waiting, we realised we hadn't got a birthday cake, and so we sent eug on a mission to get an egg tart from chinatown!

after sitting down for a bit, etain arrived and was pleasantly surprised at seeing us. the two of us shared a platter, whilst the boys devoured in ribs. it was a fun night of chilling with each other and spending some quality time before three of us leave to go uni.

we walked down to oxford street to catch a bit of the buzz of the london night life, where we snapped a few polaroids and got some group pictures.

happy birthday etain, thanks for being my rock and sloth in crime. it's weird to think we've known each other since the day we were born. i'm so blessed to call you my best friend, and that we have such a chilled out friendship - we could do nothing and sit there and it wouldn't be awkward, we could call sleeping on the sofa 'meeting up', and we could iMessage each other for days and continuously hold up a lot of witty banter.

finally, here's to you officially being an adult! enjoy life, live life, and love life. stay blessed my girl. x

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