Sunday, 20 September 2015

uni: my next chapter in life.


it is currently 2:21am here as i type this up with a sloth toy on my lap and the whole flat is silent as everyone attends to a beer and watching a game of rugby.
today marks the day i officially turn a new page in life: the uni life. to say the least, i really don't know what i am expecting. the thought of having to grow independent, move away from all my closest family and friends, and having to work towards a degree is a really damn overwhelming thought for me. and what about making new friends, going clubbing (which I'm totally not about) and battling the peer pressures of drinking? they say uni is the best time you will have in life, and you will meet friends who you will keep in contact forever. hm.

moving away is so hard, and this week i had really felt the blues as i packed up my clothes in large suitcases, and my other bits and bobs in various cardboard boxes. the parents had been so attentive to every detail, picking up on my laundry detergents, to kettles, to even toilet rolls. and my sister, i can't begin to express how much i will miss her as much as i go on about how annoying she is, but really she is just an adorable little girl who cares so much about me. being away from my boyfriend will be hard too, like seriously, i'm gonna juggle with a long distance relationship now on top of my studies?!
as i sorted out my bank accounts, id cards and enrolment this week, i really felt myself maturing and taking on more and more responsibilities, however there is also this particularly strong side of me who still feels like i belong to my mummy and daddy and should be looked after by them.

today consisted of leaving early at 10am this morning after some last minute packing, and then arriving 2 hours later at southampton to unload all my stuff on the third floor of my block (meaning many flights of stairs). we then stopped by the city centre where we had lunch at good ole ikea before buying all my pots and pans, daily essentials and of course, 3 cacti! asda was our next stop for groceries and it all suddenly became surreal to me at that point that i was going to become and independent student shopping for my food the next time i land at asda again. we had a last pizza meal together as a family of four for a while, and it was then i really felt the blues. after a few selfies, it was time to depart. i saw tears in my mummy's eyes, and everyone got a bit emotional, but i knew i had to stay strong in order for them to leave me without worrying, so tears were held back.

goodbyes are always hard, but i know this step will do me so much good. i'm pushing myself to get stuck in and enjoy uni as soon as possible, but home sickness is already kicking in. praise the lord i managed to bump into one of my old sixth form friends tonight. i was on my way to heading to my first freshers get together when we saw each other, and after staying at the bar for 10 minutes trying to mingle, we decided we would much prefer girly time and a hot cup of tea. unfortunately, i didn't have a spare mug but we still enjoyed each others company as we shared our overwhelming experience together.

i have already witnessed the blessings of the Lord, even though my time at southampton hasn't been that long yet. i've been in contact with jenny, a girl i met through church friends, who has already been in southampton for a couple of years. she offered to take me to church tomorrow where i can really be at home. i'm also thankful for my flatmates i'm placed with who are both so friendly, bubbly and have the same banter levels as me. my family has been such a huge blessing to me throughout i have no words for it. and then the blessing of internet; i could FaceTime my boyfriend and was able to share my whole experience with him for two hours, and as they all say, sharing with another person really does make a difference. multiple messages and blessings are also flooding through, and i am so overjoyed to see how many amazing people i am surrounded by already.

there are still so many things i am scared about, confused about and unsure about. but already i know the lord is with me. i can feel his presence right here, and i seek so much comfort in it. i'm so looking forward to church tomorrow, and even though i feel alone and home sick at the moment, i know God already has his plans for me, i just have to be surprised by them now!
this brain dump perhaps makes no sense, they are literally thoughts running through my head at the moment. can't wait to review this in a years time to see how far i've come with the Lord! for now, goodnight!

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  1. hope u have a great life ahead, I know its depressing, but u would adjust to it.
    New Post on my blog, do drop by soon ,<3


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