Friday, 27 November 2015

11pm library.

when you land on a boring lecturer who has a weird accent, speaks like a mouse yet decides not to use the microphone, you automatically believe missing the lecture will save you invaluable (nap) time.

my crew of law mates decided we should get our life together and not waste time when missing these lectures. hence we came up with the conclusion to miss lectures to catch up with our lectures.
to say the least, that did not work out well as now....well we are now a good few weeks behind everyone else.

we decided to all come to my room at 3pm, order pizza and start going through the textbook and productively learn. in reality, we came to my room at 3pm, ordered pizza, wedges, garlic bread AND a bottle of coke, started going through the list of films on netflix and productively watch gavin and stacey.
xmas lights on campus

'hold up', we thought. we are going a little bit off track. let's go to the library instead. thank the Lord for a 24 hour library in southampton, because thats where we headed at 8pm. we did more than expected to say the least and ended up leaving at 11pm.

zaki bro

after believing we earned enough chill time, we walked back to mcdonalds and got some good eatings.

silly nikki

and snapchattings.

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