Monday, 16 November 2015

london in a flash.

this weekend definitely felt like the quickest one yet. travelling for two hours to each end, seeing many many people, getting up to the usual banter; the old saying that time flies when you're having fun really is true. 

saturday was my 'staying in' day with my family where we caught up, ate lots of food, watched the x factor, and i had a good ole bake - cooking up a green tea cheesecake and a coffee chiffon cake sandwiched with some cream. my mumma sure missed my cakes and made sure i knew (as well as posting it on Facebook) so i would come home more often to bake for her. if only my stack of work vanished at the click of my fingers and travelling home fitted in my student budget!

sunday was church day. we were all going to separate churches as my family are involved in different ministries, but we managed to catch the same train together just like we used to when we went for family day outs.

my church morning that day consisted of catching up with selina and yas over breakfast and chatting about uni life and the challenges we face - and it is during these conversations i realise the recurring theme that there is nowhere better than home.

after a few crazy snapchats, worship and a sermon on the importance of self value, i went to fetch some nandos (aka overrated chicken) with etain, karen and christy.

it was a good catch up with the girls and really great to be let loose in chinese culture again. also did i mention the fact they extra-salted my peri chips?

cheeky selfie when my phone is unoccupied

i went back to church to chill until i had to fetch my coach. there i bumped into hang, a guy who encouraged me to take on law two years ago when i had to write my personal statement and complete my uni application. i was so unsure about the course at the time and was often so overwhelmed by it. but he and his wife gave me so much support and even introduced me to their lawyer friend who gave me a greater insight into the content and possibilities of law, in addition to treating me to an extravagant meal. i've come so far since then and don't regret my decision to study the subject at all, and i reckon i owe quite a bit to this couple.

i managed to catch my coach just in time despite delays with the bus and then a horrible diversion during my journey to the coach station. thankfully i made it and was able to get back to uni safely. 

can't wait to be back - see you in christmas london!!

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