Saturday, 14 November 2015

defining spontaneity.

last week, i spontaneously booked tickets back to london as i haven't been home for a month. and so i spontaneously hola-ed at etain and we met as soon as i hopped off the coach at victoria. after a quick mcdonalds and chilling with our fav budget meal, we took the train to good ole croydon.

etain had planned to get her second ear piercings and me being spontaneous, decided to get my first ever piercings too after considering for as long as 2 text messages. i signed the form, paid the cash, and got the needle jabbed through me. voila. spontaneity at its best. not to mention, my family didn't even know i was coming home this weekend as i was gonna surprise them - double surprise!

we had a good girly date: shopping around, looking at christmas jumpers (never too early) and giggling over a gingerbread latte each. i went back to surprise my family that evening and they were overjoyed to see me to say the least. its so good coming back to a hearty home cooked meal, and my parents were dually surprised at the bravery i've mustered over my few weeks at uni. or perhaps this is just spontaneity at its best.

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