Friday, 6 November 2015

london to southampton.

the next day, we ended up waking up bright and early at 1pm and lounged around with some music in the background. as we started to feel the rumbles in our tummies, i introduced these guys to the famous 'chinese' street on the walk to uni. as only i had a free bus pass, we decided to go on a mini hike up the hill which to my surprise wasn't as bad, and we had a cute time double dating in southampton.

the first time i visited this restaurant was also the first time i visited southampton and my uni for the next three years with my family. it was nice to reminisce and see how far i've come since then. the roads i walked around with my family that day have now become my everyday uni route and roads that i am now most familiar with.

again, it has been such a long time since i've had chinese and so i ordered a seafood noodle, whilst the others got roast duck rice, some shredded duck rice and fried prawns. needless to say, there was so much bants at the table, especially as the the family business of the two guys are takeaways so they had a thing for criticising the food of other chinese restaurants. 

i came to realise how much i've missed spending time with some of my most favourite chinese people; i haven't had the chance to make many chinese friends despite there being many international students from china and hong kong, and so i felt so at home when chinese jokes started peering through in our convos and i got to embrace my roots again.

as we woke up quite late, our day became quite small and by the time we knew it, it was time for etain and lewis to head back to london. we walked together to my uni where they had to catch their coach, and seeing as we were a tad early i showed them a snuggly place to sit down. 

etain has a thing for eames chairs (especially the black one) and so when i showed her this place, she was like a kid in a candy shop - picking out the best colour chair to sit on. the boys ended up playing clash of clans, and so we just took selfies.

to avoid missing the coach we headed back out, to which loksze pointed out that we would look like flowers growing out from this bush if you saw us on the other side. etain snapped these pics; weird but cute.

i surprised myself by giving loksze a piggyback, and after showing my muscular skills, we said our goodbyes to these two lovely people.

when loksze booked his tickets to southampton, he did something no one else would do: not book a return ticket back to warwick. we hurried back and did it asap so he could get home on sunday, and at a good price. the rest of the day composed of eating out of a tub of ice cream and watching kung fu killer on netflix. 

sunday morning i showed loksze the church i've been settling into, ate biscuits and drank tea with my church family, hopped back to my halls, cooked pesto pasta with cheese and crushed doritos, and devoured in it whilst watching grown ups. 

what a brilliant and blessed weekend i've had! just as i was missing these people, they all came down to find me. i'm not sure when i'll see them again as i'm already up to my neck with work these days, but i'm certain christmas will be epic.

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  1. another post on etain? yess keep them coming, shes so cool


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