Wednesday, 4 November 2015

they're back!

 this halloween weekend, etain, lewis and loksze all came down to see me here in southampton!! it was such an awesome reunion as i hadn't seen these people who i am the closest to since i visited london one month back.

 it was conveniently half term week this week so etain and lewis were able to pop down on friday. loksze being all the way in warwick decided to pop down the day before so we could spend more time together and make use of the £40 he spent on travel alone.

friday night featured a grime concert in southampton where they all went to see jme. we watched barbie the movie together (or forced the guys to), made dinner - sausages and chips ofc, and chilled in the kitchen playing agario which everyone were all so addicted to.

loksze leaving his mark in my flat kitchen to which an unknown flatmate replied to his comment

grime is not particularly my jam and so i didn't follow suit to the concert. instead i did some indian dancing with my flatmates, watched a horror movie and pranked a girl in the flat below which occupied me till 4am when they came back.

4am selfies with ma homie
fortunately for us, my flatmate bought a spare mattress to uni thinking it wasn't supplied, and so we borrowed it and carried it up two flights of stairs to make snuggling the four of us in my tiny halls bedroom possible. tight squeeze, but we did it! and so the banterous weekend continued the next day...

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