Saturday, 21 November 2015


last week was celebration of diwali, an indian festival of lights and fireworks. my flat mate happens to be an international student from india, and was craving the festivities he would have been enjoying if he were in india. as his flat mates and friends, we decided to be his family and celebrate with him.

we bunked our contract law lecture in the morning and painted these clay pots instead, also known as diya. i hadn't held a paintbrush in so long, and it felt so good to use the creative side of my brain again. 

in the evening, we all headed out to a hindu temple where many people gathered to watch the fireworks. to say the least, we stood out as the must multi-cultural group there. the people i've met here in southampton have grown to be my family over these few weeks and i'm so glad to have met them all.

and hey-ho, our family picture got published in the southampton news the next day!

after fireworks, i went to fetch kfc with the lads where i was satisfied with a good ole chicken wrap, and them with a milkshake each.

after waiting at the bus stop for a long enough period of time, we were put out of our misery in the cold. 

this tired one here conked out on our bus journey, and joe being the 'funny' one decided we should get off the bus without waking him up. annoyed is a little understatement when he woke up.......

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