Monday, 21 December 2015

hollering my gals.

thursday evening, i met up with my two good friends etain and ash for a catchup over dinner and dessert in london. i already had a week of holidays, but for etain she had just finished school and ash, work.
after dinner at misato at which i finished a whole curry rice, we debated over biju, a bubble tea shop, or shibuya, a japanese restaurant for an injection of sugar. we went ahead with the latter and indulged ourselves with two shaved ice desserts - matcha and mango flavoured. ash knew of our broke levels and offered to treat us - thanks ash!

we were then quickly kicked out because the restaurant was getting busy so we moved along to pret to carry on talking (our third restaurant i know!). it was lovely and quiet there, and the atmosphere was relaxing.

it's so good to be able to talk to someone older who isn't your parents, elders, or someone you feel a barrier with because of their age. ash is getting married next year and i wish her all the best!

and as for etain....well good luck at school young one!

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