Saturday, 26 December 2015


loksze and i originally planned to watch a film and walk around winter wonderland on xmas-eve-eve, but our plans were diverted when i couldn't snag a movie voucher code and i needed to shop for a coat.

we ended up walking around canarby street which has been all lit up, and then oxford street where i bought a new camel coat (xmas present for myself, duh). 

lastly, we headed over to all saints to visit etain who was working. she showed us her top picks in the shop and we ended up picking a new sweater for loksze.

after etain had finished work, we decided to meet up with our friend ashley at her office. it was her last day at that company and we got the privilege to get a little tour of her workplace. it was the cutest little office and we got a chance to have a chat with a few of her work colleagues.

for dinner we walked down the road to vapiano's. i can't believe this is my first time eating here!
the restaurant issues you with a card when you come in, and you go up to their pizza and pasta bar to order your own food for them to cook right in front of you.

fresh from the pan, you also get to customise your own pasta shapes and type of spaghetti!

the queue does get a bit long whilst you wait for the chefs to cook your food hence the many selfies, but it is well worth the wait and this delicious food comes at an adequate price!

i got a salami pasta, etain likes her traditional bolognese, and loksze and ash went for the lobster one. good meal and catch up to say the least. and heap loads of cheese.

we then went to visit our friend helen who was working at levi's nearby. i helped loksze pick out a new denim jacket and then we all went to walk about and watch a street performance on carnaby street.

loksze and i then walked back to waterloo to catch our train back, but not before stopping by this beautiful lit up garden off the street.

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