Tuesday, 15 December 2015

lit up in london

i woke up sunday morning with a buzz in me. i'm heading into london during christmas!! 
the lights in southampton are a bit of a disappointment and boy was i glad to be back to see the bulbs of london.

walking to church

not only was i excited to see the london lights of course, i was also excited to be back at my home church and see all my fellow church family! travelling has become a large expense for me since i've upgraded to adult fares so on this fine rainy morning, i walked to church from waterloo station.

cute restaurant lit up with colourful lanterns

after church, etain and i headed to this restaurant in soho called bistro 1 where they offered two courses for only £9.90! we had mussels, calamari, pork chops and sea bream fillet with mash - a doubtless satisfying meal. we then proceeded for a splash of window shopping in regent street and oxford street.

'cucumber' tree in trafalgar sq.

after returning and chilling at church for a bit to catch up with my friends doing 'general knowledge qs', loksze and i went about to walk around london. he had just came down from warwick on saturday  and so we got an opportunity to go round and explore the festivities together.

leicester sq was filled with a mini christmas market smelling of sweet candy floss. i have yet to visit winter wonderland this year!

lights filled every corner of the streets. it was good to be reunited with loksze once again after a whole month and know we have more than a weekend with each other this time.

attempting to take a selfie with the lights but ending up with a large patch of the pavement instead

a long distance relationship will forever feel like a constant countdown for me. we countdown to the days we see each other, and when we are together, its a countdown to the days we have left till we have to part.

we had such a relaxing time walking the streets of london, turning every corner to more lights, and catching up with each other in real life. it was almost as if the lights were welcoming us back.

i'm totally lit up by everyone and everything in london.

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