Tuesday, 22 December 2015

sunday fun day

our sunday morning started off with being locked out of the church building as we didn't have the keys. i resorted to helping out the the kids in sunday school and the guys played fifa before we got the notif we could get in.

loksze was on the bass today, it's been so long since he's jumped on and i'm so happy he is still serving in church. i also saw my friend eugene who has disappeared to uni since september and i hadn't seen since. we sat together in the service, along with daniel on my left who managed to choke on his inhaler during worship (just a bit of banter, it was not a big deal dw he's not dead).

the end of our sunday service was particularly special. we had a proposal at church! what a nice surprise and i wish this couple many more blessings to come.

for lunch, loksze wanted to dine alone with me and so we left the fifa-playing lads and settled in wetherspoons where we shared a massive pulled pork and cheese hotdog with a rack of ribs. it's nice to be able to get some alone time and spend it with each other despite the busyness of church after service, the fact we're committed to different roles in church and that there are many friends we see and want to catch up with on a sunday.

fairground in shepherd's bush

after our lunch, we went to meet loksze's mates in mcdonalds where we chilled for a good time and told stories of poo experiences before deciding to go catch a tube to hammersmith. there was a youth celebration on at which my sister partook in the worship team (proud sister i am). we caught them at the end and said hi to everyone before we were quickly escorted out as they had to lock the church. 

we then decided to go to westfields at which we spent hours walking around looking at various stuff. the only downside to this was that i was the only girl in the group so interests in my sections were a minimal. it was a fun and tiring day overall hanging out with loksze's good friends and i could really see where his banter has evolved from. the end of westfields consisted of asian squatting on the floor as our legs were so tired.

my stylish loklok carrying my sushi

as the lads left, loksze and i decided to go back to central london to grab some sushi. itsu does half price sushi half an hour before they close and we made it just in the nick of time! we walked all the way from charing cross back to waterloo at which we suddenly became really hyper despite the tiredness and started rapping all the way to the station.

we dined on the train as it was getting late and made the whole carriage smell of soya sauce.

what a packed day spent with my church family!

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