Sunday, 20 December 2015

london jingles

christmas spirit at somerset house

loksze and i spent the day in london on wednesday to absorb the christmas atmosphere and chill before our student fellowship that evening.

we met at waterloo and literally walked everywhere that day. we realised it had been so long since we had a date in london that we didn't even know there was a new architectural decor built in chinatown.
our first stop was to find a place to fix loksze's phone which had been acting up. he believed i had better negotiating skills and so i went around to various shops to pull the lowest price.

mcdonalds is the go-to stop for food but it's been having its toll on me as i'm breaking out like crazy now. i decided to get a funky bun from a bakery in chinatown whilst loksze went ahead with his favourite chicken nuggets and fanta in addition to a pork bun and egg tart i got him whilst at the bakery.

we spontaneously walked past somerset house and went in to see the massive teal themed christmas tree. the place wasn't as packed as it was a weekday so we attempted to snag a few selfies.

somerset house is popular for ice skating during the winter season, and i'm looking forward to hopefully going soon to a rink in london with some of my church friends!

i guess the only positive about the sun setting early during the winter months is that the lights come on pretty quick and all thats left are twinkles against the night sky.

before we knew it, the sun had quickly set and we proceeded to hunting for some food.

aren't the lights in covent garden cute! loksze evidently approves.

leciester sq was filled with the buzz of the star wars premier. if you're not there for the red carpet and lightsabers, it would mean congestion and human traffic to you.

we went to wasabi to fulfil my sushi craving, and then stopped by biju to fulfil loksze's bubble tea craving before going to soho for our student fellowship.

this session happened to be the last one before christmas, so it was all fun and games for the 3 hours along with many sweets and snacks. it was so good catching up with everyone and seeing the faces of who are family to me. this group is still the crazy, loud, and most friendly bunch i remembered them to be. attending an english church at southampton is all a good experience and i'm enjoying it so much, however the homeliness of a chinese church i've grown up in really is something else.

before i caught the last train home that evening, loksze and i walked across this lit up bridge from charing cross back to waterloo.

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