Thursday, 1 October 2015

alone but not alone.

on sunday, i was back at christ church. i can't believe one whole week of uni has already passed by - a lot has changed since the first time i visited the church. i wouldn't say the week was quick, as i did feel very homesick at times, but it hasn't been a total disaster and i would say i've settled in pretty well now.

//again, i met up with jenny and we caught up before i joined the queue for the student lunch. there, i sat on a table where i met many new people - one doing chemistry, one psychology, one history, and one who has graduated. i had a great time chatting to everyone, especially with a guy who shared his experience working with roma people in romania, which was similar to my two summers spent in croatia with the gypsies there.

after speaking and getting to know other people for nearly 2 hours, i headed back where i chilled, before meeting two guys at the reception to attend a 6oclock service intended for students. the service was so inviting and chill to say the least, and i loved every second of it. i'm at that stage where i'm starting to recognise familiar faces, but are still forgetting people's names. but that's ok, it's where the laughs begins! 

students were offered a free dinner - chicken curry! and after that, i was introduced to the idea of connect groups, at which you get into a group for the year and have a time of bible study and prayer together. i was placed into group 1, a lovely group of which theres another two guys who are in the same halls as me. we studied the first chapter of romans, discussed about the gospel and what it means to us. i got back to my halls with 4 guys who were also heading back, and bumped into a group of people sitting on the stairs in my block. i ended up chilling with them to find two of the girls went to a sister school of mine in london, and then had a good chat with a bubbly (perhaps also drunk) guy who was doing economics. after a bit of pre-drinking in my flat, they headed out and i whisked off to FaceTime loksze before bedtime.//

as i was walking to church this morning, my shadow became a reminder of the constant nature of God. He is always there, next to us, following us, around us. He never leaves us despite the fact we may sway away from him and we may not even notice His presence. God is eternal and His love for us will never fade. though i am away from home, God is with me, just like my shadow follows, and there is such comfort and satisfaction in returning to Him.

i'm so thankful that i am able to move away from home as much as i miss it. though academically i haven't quite started learning yet, i am beginning to learn more about myself and my relationship with God. as much as it is hard to own up to, at the comfort of my home, i don't always seek the need for God. an 'easy life' offers me greater distractions to maintaining a close relationship with God, rather through the experiences of this week, i definitely feel my walk with Him has changed. this is not to say that i have reached a milestone in my relationship with Jesus, but rather as a mark of a new journey in Christ at which my love for the Lord will only grow deeper.

and to close off, here is a song which was sung today at the 6oclock service which serves as a reminder of the faithfulness of God.

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