Friday, 2 October 2015

back to london!

a week ago, my school friend jan, who also came southampton uni with me, had to go back to london for a family occasion and so asked if i wanted to come along and get the coach with her. as the coming two weeks would be inductions, i had fridays free and so decided to come back to london for the weekend to see my family and my boyfriend, who is heading to uni on saturday. 

as we booked our tickets, we realised jan's last lecture was in the morning, and mine in the afternoon, and so we ended up going back at different times. i had a flat mate, however, who was from india and wanted to surprise his mum in london before she returned to india. we travelled together and i had the pleasure of teaching him the complicated and busy london tube transport for his first encounter with the london hustle and bustle during rush hour. i really did wish him the best of luck.

after 3 hours of sitting on the coach and many delays getting into london from all the traffic, i arrived at victoria at around half 7. there i found my boyfriend waiting upon my arrival; i had missed him so damn much. after saying bye to my flat mate, we decided to grab some good grub. as we are now both uni students, our discounted travel cards have expired so we don't get free bus travel anymore :( as a result, we decided to walk to chinatown which took about half an hour. as much as i love walking, unfortunately it did not help that i had not had food since 1pm.

my cute date for the evening

i hadn't eaten rice in so long as i've just been living off pasta, fruit and cereal at uni. we decided to eat at misato, well known for their massive plates of food at a cheap, friendly price, and after taking my first bite of dinner at 9pm, i full on felt like i was back at home with the sweet smell of rice.

we strolled around chinatown, admiring the lanterns put up from mid autumn festival, and then saw the london lights before heading home. 

typing up my day right now from my very own bed feels so good - home is always the best.

goodnight london!

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