Thursday, 29 October 2015

law mates

i was told not to worry if i didn't seem to find 'my friends' during the two weeks of freshers, and that i would easily make friends with people on my course. and here i am, jumping into the fourth week of uni with 5 new friends and a banterous whatsapp group.

we've been doing well at jumping into this law course; ploughing through readings and work together, though nights out seem to have gotten the better of some of us.......

hangover 1

hangover 2
laughing fits are probably at the pinnacle of all the times we spend together, particularly when we're tired and have to sit through another 45 minutes of a lecture. i really appreciate having these people around me; if i don't, i would most likely be falling asleep in all my lectures right now and dreading having to walk into uni at 9am.

we decided to go out for a good meal together one evening - a cheeky nandos being the highest voted. it was certainly my first time having a 'proper' meat meal since coming to uni, as cooking meat always takes so much prep if its not sausages or bacon.

i can't wait to create more memories with these group of people. this meal certainly will be the first of many more cheekiness to come.

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