Saturday, 3 October 2015

before we're 130 miles apart.

yesterday was the last day i got to spend with loksze before he leaves for university and we become 130 miles apart. we're both so thankful for technology and that we're able to FaceTime everyday, but it just won't be the same. we decided to make the most of our day, and to catch breakfast together but instead just nestled in starbucks with a white chocolate mocha and coconut latte for two hours. 

we then met up with my grandparents for lunch at chinatown and managed to have a good catch up over some long overdue chinese food before i left for southampton again. loksze and i then spent the day walking around london, 1) to find tube stations with someone at the ticket office to sort out my railcard, and 2) just because we love to walk and talk. we ended up visiting tube stations all around london including waterloo, leicester sq, tottenham court road, holborn, tower hill and oxford circus as all the offices were closed; it was only on our way back that we managed to find one. we didn't mind all that fuss however, as we love just walking around aimlessly anyway. 

we did a bit of cheeky shopping on oxford street, and i managed to snag this pair of football boots! it was more of a spontaneous shop, but i believed loksze knew his football shoes and gave good advice as to which were the best ones for me, so i was better off getting a pair whilst he was with me ;)

crazy hair dos from the wind on the tube
after stopping by at a rooftop garden in tower hill, we decided to get the tube back. unlucky for us though, the word 'rush hour' completely crossed our minds and we ended up witnessing packed tubes and crazy londoners squashing along the platforms.

we had dinner together with loksze's family as he was leaving tomorrow morning, and it was good to see them all again so soon. loksze took me all the way home this evening despite not having finished packing, and even missed the last buses on the way home as it was so late.

i'm so thankful for this guy and will miss him so damn much. an 130 mile long distance relationship will be hard and a complete new and challenging experience for the both of us, but these seemingly long 3 years may just fly by quick (hopefully!). though we are far apart from each other, i'm sure our hearts will be close, and i pray that God will bless our relationship during these couple of years. so long lok lok, miss you already!

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