Sunday, 18 October 2015

becoming 'normal'

i think it's safe to say i'm starting to get into the swing of things now. and about time too; after all, i'm onto my third week of uni already! it's so awesome: the fact i'm in a complete new environment, am forced to adapt to change, and actually managing it! i'm beginning to see my everyday routine form, which consists of lectures, tutorials, shopping, cooking and reading; and even though many people had already warned me about the freedoms in uni, i'm still amazed at how i can pretty much do what i want every day - my life is in my hands.

food shopping has proven to be harder than i thought. it's not just about shopping cheaply, it is also about shopping just enough for one person - not more, not less, or else you either waste money (and energy carrying all them bags) or end up hungry when you go to bed. i've also learnt to be flexible - i've eaten porridge for dinner, pizza for breakfast, and i guess it's about eating around what you've got and being creative at meal times. shopping wisely is such an important element of saving money - unfortunately, i've been too lazy to walk to the larger sainsbury's, so had to deal with the over-priced stuff at the local, corner shop version. i've learnt to shop for so called 'versatile' foods too - ones which you can mix and match easily whilst filling you up: bananas, milk, sausages, eggs and bacon to name a few.

i've only travelled back home once so far, so Skype and FaceTime has got me going. it's tough not seeing the ones you love all the time, but its all part of the experience - growing up and maturing as a person. i guess this way i will also value our family time so much more.

mannnn. i knew textbooks weren't going to come in cheap, but wow they really are pricey for what seems like a stack of printed paper which i doubt will be all read by the end of the year. i managed to snag a bundle off a second year student for £80 through Facebook, but then i've come to realise that even within the bundle it didn't have all the books i needed and resorted to forking out another £40 for two more textbooks. guess these books will cause the greatest dent in my student bank.

last but not least, fast food. embracing uni life means choosing not to eat the veg your mother forces you to, and going with what your heart thinks. the other day, a maccy dees was just too irresistible and so i called up my friend jan and walked down for a big bite of burger; the taste of satisfaction.

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