Saturday, 24 October 2015

hearty meal with the older siblings i never had.

last week, i had the privilege of spending my weekend with some of my good friends from london. they had made a trip down to southampton and was staying at jenny' house, and decided we should all have a good hearty meal together. it was definitely a change, as we were so used to meeting up in london settings. but change is good, and its always fun when you have your close friends with you! 

i got a bit lost finding my way to jenny's house, but eric and jake managed to locate me and so i got there in one piece! after a bit of rugby (everyone's going crazy mad for the world cup games at the mo), it was dinner time. jenny cooked up rice with a few classic filipino dishes including adobo, a marinated chicken pot. it was very, very hearty, to say the least and i was so satisfied once again with good company and good food.

james has always been the older brother i've never had, and kindly dropped me back at my halls that evening (also because it was past 12am and my last bus had gone!). it's so different to feel babied and looked after again after spending the past couple of weeks attempting to be an adult and grow independent. i'm not complaining though!

it's such a joy to see old friends again, particularly this lot as they are all a few years older than me so always passed down good advice and encouragement (not to say they that mature though ;)). they're such supporting brothers and sisters in christ and i really thank God that we had the opportunity to meet up again - it was so good to see familiar faces again after settling in to a different environment. 

i also got to meet harry, the cutest little dog, who chilled with me as we watched the apprentice and st.vincent together, along with red velvet cake, blueberry cheesecake ben and jerry ice cream and fruit (for that balanced diet). my friends all came to the church i've been settling in for the past few weeks the next morning, and by chance it was also the big church lunch, so they got to know some of my new church friends too. we decided to chill back at jenny's for the afternoon before squeezing 6 of us in a 5 seater car for the journey. what a perfect weekend God has blessed me with.

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