Sunday, 4 October 2015

london snaps.

waterloo station
epic drummer using household items
i'm officially back in southampton now after an epic long weekend in london to see my family and friends. this was more than a spontaneous trip home and many people were surprised i came back so quick! nonetheless, it was such a joyous and blessed time; it's always good to come back home no matter how long you've spent away.

this sunday i was off to church with a suitcase carrying an iron, and extension plug, some mango sweets and some socks, and i'm glad i made it all the way in one piece as travelling around london, getting on/off the tube and buses can be real hectic (if ya know what i mean). i got to the train station early as i didn't want to run with a suitcase, and there, i basked in the morning sun and crisp air.

i joined the bible study this morning studying mark, and then attended the english service. after catching up with many people and saying goodbyes (again), we went for a classic cheeky nandos where we ordered two platters of chicken wings; have i mentioned how good their peri salted chips were?!

the boys helped me carry my luggage around, and we double dared them to ask a random person where victoria station was in a chinese accent. lolz.

i caught the coach back from victoria at 5:30 and got back to southampton around 8pm for a quick pizza and FaceTime with loksze. what a weekend; lectures start tomorrow!! peace.

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